Culture + people


Culture + people



Practiced Law (Sorry)

Built a Large Enterprise

Designed + Developed Culture

Led Amazing Teams

Weathered Some Storms

Executed Successful Organizational Change

Suffered Beyond Comprehension (Usually on a Bicycle)

Now I...

Use This Experience to Help Organizations Build Great Culture + Be an Inspiring Place to Work








I’m a former attorney and senior executive at a $3B+ specialty retailer.  During my tenure, I got the opportunity to work for a legendary founder and be part of a leadership team that grew the organization into a market leader.  While on that journey, I was tasked with building a world-class human capital function from scratch.  

After an amazing 14 year career with that organization, I decided to do something crazy: help my millennial wife start her own company and inject myself into the startup world headfirst (with no helmet on).  This opportunity has allowed me unprecedented access to startup culture and prompted an in-depth research project examining the unique nature of this world and why it is attractive to so many talented people.  That question of "why" is so critically important to those organizations that need to scale fast, but also large enterprise organizations that want to attract new innovative talent and remain relevant.  

I've since taken the lessons learned in this research and combined them with my experience in running a large enterprise HR function to found an agency that helps organizations be a great place to work.  We call it theTifosi Workforce Design Studio.  We do things like help high growth startups scale all those really tactical things they need to do from a people perspective (hire, train, pay, etc) and ensure that they aligned with their unique culture.  It's easy to lose your culture as you grow, we don't want that to happen.  We also help really large enterprise companies design workplace strategies to ensure they remain relevant to the next generation workforce.  

We are also continuing our research and sharing it through various knowledge events, including some big plans for our own event in Atlanta. 

The Details on My Background

Seeded with a foundation in employment law, I developed a unique perspective to the world of Human Resources and innovated against HR norms.  Associate purpose, learning, development, communication and engagement: these were our focus as a catalyst for change within the organization. We engaged our associates and our team on “how” and “why” their work impacted not only the organization, but also the communities we served.  

During my tenure, the company experienced aggressive growth and was quickly on its way to becoming the market dominant specialty retailer in the industry.  It was during this time that I was selected to develop and implement a major HR transformation project for the 13,000+ associate organization, which previously had no centralized HR function.  We strategically developed various game changing HR functions from scratch, including HR Field Team (Compliance, Performance Management, and Counsel), Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Benefits, Compensation, and Internal Communications. 

We were also asked to tackle one of the organization’s most critical initiatives: a complete overhaul of its Learning and Development function.  Leading a talented team of learning professionals we transformed a function that had previously been entirely e-learning based into a blended learning approach including face-to-face development coaches and training stores.  With the completion of the entire 2,000+ location rollout, the program experienced significant results from both a store performance standpoint, but also a significant reduction in turnover and increased engagement. 

My responsibilities also included complete oversight and strategic production of the organization’s seminal annual event.  The 2,500 manager participant conference focused on delivering an inspirational message around operational excellence.  I was the sole author and architect of the theme, content, executive speech writing, video production concepts, and activities of the event.

All of this work, all done with one mission in mind: Create & Inspire Believers. 

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